local tdlib = require 'tdlib'

The JSON serialization of TDLib API objects is straightforward: all API objects are represented as JSON objects with the same keys as the API object field names. The object type name is stored in the special field "@type" which is optional in places where type is uniquely determined by the context. Fields of Bool type are stored as Boolean, fields of int32, int53, and double types are stored as Number, fields of int64 and string types are stored as String, fields of bytes type are base64 encoded and then stored as String, fields of array type are stored as Array.

The main TDLib interface is asynchronous. To match requests with a corresponding response, the field "@extra" can be added to the request object. The corresponding response will have an "@extra" field with exactly the same value.


new() → client

Client functions

send(self, json: string)

Sends request to the TDLib client.

receive(self) → string

Receives incoming updates and request responses from the TDLib client.