local dumb_dbus = require 'dumb_dbus'


call(self, bus_name: string, object_path: string, interface_name: string, method_name: string, parameters: value[]) → value

Invokes the method_name method on the interface_name D-Bus interface on the remote object at object_path owned by bus_name.

emit_signal(self, destination_bus_name: string, object_path: string, interface_name: string, signal_name: string, parameters: value[])

Emits a signal.

signal_subscribe(self, sender: string, interface_name: string, member: string, object_path: string, callback: function) → integer

Subscribes to signals on self and invokes callback whenever the signal is received.

signal_unsubscribe(self, subscription_id: integer)

Unsubscribes from signals.